WizzleUp Is a Fun Educational puzzle game!

Most of you have taken geometry classes. Well, all of us. But how many of you have enjoyed it? Also, we know that age is just a number, so you can get started with enjoying your geometry classes with 3D geometric puzzles. But before you embark on this adventure, you must find a reputable platform. So, here we are! WizzleED is one of the leading platforms that caters to the need of children dealing with problem solving issues. As a leading platform for all ages, our games can help you improve your cognitive ability, spatial intelligence, and problem solving skills.

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Benefits of Brain Games for Improved Cognition

Why Play WizzleUp?

Our 3D geometric puzzles can help train an equal array of skills and talents. Most people's first mechanical puzzle encounters involve trial and error, but that's part of the fun. The more the players apply themselves, the deeper their understanding of the puzzle becomes. This learning process strengthens the mind and is part of what makes these unique puzzles so enjoyable. Some of its benefits include:

  • WizzleUP is a curiosity to discovery, visual perception frontal lobe game.
  • If you are between the ages of 4 and 104, you should enjoy and be entertained.
  • Keeps you engaged and overcome challenges by WizzleUP.
  • This brain game is designed to help build spatial skills.

The Game Has 9+ Levels of Complexities/Difficulties.

  • Starts with color and number patterns.

  • Move on to solving magic squares.

    • e.g., The 4 x 4 magic square has 880 possible solutions (try find them all)

    • Note: In a classroom setting, the WizzleUp game can be split into four, so that 4 students can individually play 4 x 4 magic squares.

  • If this is not challenging enough – throw in color patterns with the magic squares to up the ante.

  • If you make it through this level - move on to 8 x 8 magic squares with 4 x 4 internal magic patterned squares.

  • It's still not challenging enough! Then, try the magic cubes – throw in color patterns, and the number of solutions moves to the millions.

  • You're a genius: Solve the ultimate: All X, Y, and Z axis being magic squares (all columns, rows, and diagonals equal) – AND – no, same colors touching.

About WizzleED

WizzleED provides a range of brain puzzle games, instructional tools, and interactive applications to help individuals of all ages, students or older adults, increase their understanding of logical standards and skills.

Besides this, we have an excellent application to help the generation yield fruitful results. However, our syllabus-driven math applications can be devised to assist teachers in delivering their syllabus with more efficacy through present-day and interactive cellular and web technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Select from a range of puzzles, be it squares, cubes, pattern squares, or geometric, and work math magic to solve complex problems. Play WizzleED games and begin your brain training journey today!

  • Yes! Spatial intelligence is a crucial tool required for many professions, yet it is relatively neglected at school. Spatial thinking is what you do when you visualize shapes in your “mind’s eye.” It is a proven fact that spatial intelligence can improve your test scores by a substantial margin.

  • Yes! Object recognition is the ability to perceive an object’s physical properties (such as shape, color, and texture) and apply semantic attributes to the object, including understanding its use, previous experience with the object, and how it relates to others.

  • Pattern recognition is a mature but exciting and fast-developing field underpinning developments in cognate fields such as computer vision, image processing, text and document analysis, and neural networks. Pattern recognition is a cognitive process in our brain when we match information we encounter with data stored in our memory.
  • Pattern recognition has applications in statistical data analysis, signal processing, image analysis, information retrieval, bioinformatics, data compression, computer graphics, and machine learning.

  • Yes! A motor skill is an intentional movement involving a motor or muscular component that must be learned and voluntarily produced to perform a goal-oriented task proficiently. Many factors contribute to the ability and the rate at which you develop your motor skills.

  • Pick and choose from a variety of exciting levels and challenge your cognitive abilities with daily mental workouts. Age is really just a number for us; the games have difficulty levels that suit the whole family!

  • Each game requires unique combinations to solve puzzles that challenge your mind and problem-solving skills. Playing WizzleED games acts as a healthy brain exercise and results in maximized potential.

  • Playing WizzleED games improves your spatial intelligence and enhances your ability and rate of developing motor skills. They challenge your cognitive abilities and put the right-brain and left-brain muscles to work, training your brain to solve complex problems.

  • WizzleUP assists with many sections of Maths:
  • Arithmetic / Algebra / Abstract Algebra / Linear Algebra / Graph Theory / Game Theory / Artificial Intelligence (no skip to the new line here) / Computer Programming / Topology / Cryptology / Optimization / Number Theory /Probability.

  • Absolutely! It is a tool that a teacher can leverage to engage their pupils.



Download WizzleED Games and Get Started!

This is a MUST HAVE tool to practice your math skills independently using a puzzle like game. You are challenged purposefully and encouraged to explore, reinforce, and improve your math skills. WizzleIT is an interactive math skills and concept practice tool perfect for use at home or in the classroom. The math courses cover all essential content for a syllabus grade while engaging you with a self-checking system and rewarding you with an Action picture for solving a skill.

Self-Checking and Skill Building

Self-checking answer systems create a safe learning environment that increases your confidence. This means that no oversite by parent or teacher is required.

  • You can use the system for independent practice.

  • This makes it a concept practice tool perfect for home or classroom use.

Hands-on skills practice with a self-checking answer system

  • As a teachers alternative teaching tool, it is a proven concept and skill-building system, that can assist the teacher in differentiating their classroom instruction by setting independent activities for each student.

  • Engage in an alternative to traditional skills practice.

Reinforces key concepts

  • Reinforces skills learned in the classroom.

Has a built-in rewards system

  • You are instantly rewarded with an Action picture for solving a skill.

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