About Us

About WizzleEd

WizzleED provides a diverse range of brain puzzle games.

WizzleED provides a range of brain puzzle games, instructional tools, and interactive applications to help individuals of all ages, students or older adults, increase their understanding of logical standards and skills.
Besides this, we have an excellent application. However, our syllabus-driven math applications can be devised to assist teachers in delivering their syllabus with more efficacy through present-day and interactive cellular and web technology.

Our Mission

At WizzleED, we are dedicated to offering the best puzzle games to people of all ages. As Plato said: “A child can only be taught if learning contains a measure of entertainment.”
This mantra holds true for adults as well. We find ways to challenge and exercise your brain while entertaining you. What’s more, we will bring your imagination to life and ensure you give your brain a daily workout.
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Our History

In order to keep math engaging for the students, we created games over our roughly seven years of operating computer math laboratories and researching the psychology of why certain kids struggle in arithmetic and throw up obstacles to it. By utilizing games, we could pique children's interest and help them comprehend mathematical ideas and abilities. Since then, we have created puzzle games, instructional materials, and applications that subtly conceal learning, reinforce important abilities, and delight users while engrossing them in logical principles and skill development.