• Select from a range of puzzles, be it squares, cubes, pattern squares, or geometric, and work the magic of math to solve complex problems.
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  • Yes! Spatial intelligence is a crucial tool required for many professions, yet relatively neglected at school. Spatial thinking is what you do when you visualize shapes in your “mind’s eye.”
  • It is a proven fact that spatial intelligence can improve your test scores by a substantial margin.

  • Object recognition is the ability for you to perceive an object’s physical properties (such as shape, color and texture) and apply semantic attributes to the object, which includes the understanding of its use, previous experience with the object and how it relates to others.

  • Pattern recognition is a mature but exciting and fast developing field, which underpins developments in cognate fields such as computer vision, image processing, text and document analysis and neural networks.
  • Pattern recognition is a cognitive process that happens in our brain when we match some information that we encounter with data stored in our memory.
  • Pattern recognition has applications in statistical data analysis, signal processing, image analysis, information retrieval, bioinformatics, data compression, computer graphics and machine learning.

  • Yes! A motor skill is an intentional movement involving a motor or muscular component that must be learned and voluntarily produced to proficiently perform a goal-oriented task. Many factors contribute to the ability and the rate that you develop your motor skills.

  • Pick and choose from a variety of exciting levels and challenge your cognitive abilities with daily mental workouts. Age is really just a number for us, the games have difficulty levels to suite the whole family!

  • Each game requires a unique combination of numbers to solve puzzles that challenge your mind and problem-solving skills. Playing WizzleEd games act as a healthy brain exercise and results in maximized potential.

  • Playing WizzleEd games improves your spatial intelligence, enhances your ability & rate of developing motor skills. It challenges your cognitive abilities and puts the right-brain and left-brain muscles to work, training your brain to solve complex problems.

  • WizzleUp assist with many sections of Math’s:
    o Arithmetic / Algebra / Abstract Algebra / Linear Algebra / Graph Theory / Game Theory / Artificial
    Intelligence / Computer Programming / Topology / Cryptology / Optimization / Number Theory /

  • Absolutely! It is a tool that can be leveraged by a teacher to engage their pupils.